Magnetic Pillow


Magnetic memory foam pillow with neck support

  • Premium developed memory foam

  • North (negative) magnets facing the body

  • 32 (1" diameter) ceramic magnets (3,950 gauss per magnet)

  • Non-Invasive/ Safe & Natural

  • Drug Free

  • Comfortable

  • Speeds recovery and repair

  • Washable, zippered cover

  • Use behind your back during the day and as a pillow at night

Product Description

Our magnetic memory foam pillow conforms to the contours of your body while you rest.

With this unique shape, our contour pillow helps cradle your neck and head in line with your spine, offering you the comfort needed for a pressure relieving, “neutral” sleep. With better alignment, of the breathing passages, there is less likelihood of snoring. These pillows are versatile and can be used for side, stomach, or back sleepers.

Our magnetic memory foam pillows include a white, washable,cover for easy care.

The section horizontally across your shoulders is 19" and it is 15" deep vertically. It is 5" high at the highest part and tapers down to 4" high at the other end. You can use whichever side suits your needs.


Magnetic Pillow

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